A Pioneering Furnace Legacy to Sapphire Crystal Growth

FAMETEC is a European company born from the innovation and expertise of the EBNER Group, a leader in industrial plant engineering with over 75 years of experience in furnace design.

FAMETEC’s story began in 2012, when EBNER’s research and development efforts led to the successful development of a unique furnace specifically designed for growing high-quality sapphire single crystals.

Following this breakthrough, FAMETEC spun off from EBNER in 2020. FAMETEC leverages EBNER’s extensive knowledge in furnace design and crystal growth methods to continuously develop McSAP furnaces, allowing us to focus on cutting-edge technology while benefiting from EBNER’s established production capabilities.


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Our Green Sapphire Vision

Extensive knowledge of the sapphire market and commitment to sustainability

FAMETEC prioritizes sustainability throughout its operations. This is exemplified by its key role in the “ARTIC Sapphire“ project, Europe’s pioneering „Zero-Emission“ sapphire crystal production facility established in 2019. The Norway-based facility draws entirely on hydropower for its energy needs, drastically minimizing its environmental impact.

A further demonstration of this commitment is the fact that FAMETEC has joined forces with Alpha Sapphire. Located in sunny Queensland, they will harness Australia’s abundant sunshine to also produce “zero emission” sapphire crystal with operations commencing  in  May  2024. Alpha Sapphire is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alpha HPA and through this collaboration, FAMETEC, Arctic and Alpha Sapphire will leverage Alpha HPA’s low carbon ultra-high purity alumina tablets.

Those operations underscore our dedication to the mission of providing zero-emission sapphire material. We aim to reduce dependence on sapphire suppliers within jurisdictions of concern while signicantly contributing to CO2 reduction goals. With their innovative approach and commitment to sustainability, FAMETEC and its operating partners are shaping the future of the sapphire market.

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 AAA Sapphire aims to reduce dependence on sapphire suppliers within jurisdictions of concern while significantly contributing to CO2 reduction goals.


As ARCTIC Sapphire we are the first company in the world, which is able to produces sapphire with approximately 60 % lower energy consumption.


ALPHA SAPPHIRE is producing low carbon, bespoke synthetic sapphire.

Our mission of providing zero-emission sapphire material

Mission and Vision