FAMETEC's McSap: A Revolutionary Approach to Sapphire Crystal Growth

McSAP, or “Multi-c-axis sapphire”, is a patented crystal growth technology that offers a significant improvement over traditional approaches like the Kyropoulos method. McSAP has many features that set it apart:

  • McSAP is based on a modified version of the Heat Exchanger Method (HEM), optimizing heat flow within the furnace to control crystal growth.
  • Unlike traditional methods limited to single-crystal growth, McSAP facilitates the simultaneous growth of multiple sapphire crystals along any desired crystal axis.
  • This eliminates the need for the wasteful coring and grinding steps typically required in traditional growth methods, significantly increasing the yield of usable, high-quality sapphire material.
  • Input resources such as seeding material and crucibles are of high value and can be reused as recycling material


In sum, FAMETEC’s award-winning McSAP technology is a more productive and efficient process than any other method. Capable of growing large diameter crystals, this process is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional methods and reduces carbon footprints.



The Engine behind the Revolution in Crystal Growth

FAMETEC’s McSAP technology achieves superior sapphire crystal growth through its innovative furnaces, specifically designed to optimize the Heat Exchanger Method (HEM). With their advanced heat exchange systems, these furnaces guarantee precise temperature control within the growth chamber. This precision is essential for growing high-quality crystals along any axis. McSAP furnaces also support the simultaneous growth of multiple sapphire ingots, maximizing yield and minimizing waste compared to traditional techniques.

Building on the EBNER GROUP’s 75+ years of furnace expertise, McSAP furnaces seamlessly merge deep knowledge of crystal growth methodology with sophisticated design. This ensures a homogeneous thermal environment for consistent, high-quality crystal production.

McSAP’s high level of automation includes process control systems, robots for loading/unloading, advanced conveying/handling systems and offers a closed-loop data model. FAMETEC further leverages machine learning for crystal growth optimization. This commitment to cutting-edge solutions underpins McSAP’s scalability, currently enabling the production of wafers up to 200 mm in diameter – with even larger sizes (300 mm) in development.

FAMETEC furnaces


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