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Monolithic Sapphire Ingots

FAMETEC´s ability to grow high-quality 150 and 200 mm diameter crystals along both the a- and c-axis offers exceptional versatility.  This, combined with our high yield and minimal waste processes,  positions us as an ideal solution for large-scale sapphire wafer production, optoelectronics (LED, MiniLED, MicroLED), power semiconductors, optical applications, and windows or watch glasses.

As a European manufacturer, we offer supply chain stability, close collaboration opportunities, and a strong emphasis on traceability and quality management systems. This ensures the consistent reliability of our sapphire materials.


Size matters - why go bigger

Size matters in semiconductor manufacturing, and FAMETEC offers the substrate technology you need. Our ability to grow high-quality crystals along both the a- and c-axis in 150 mm and 200 mm diameters provides immediate benefits. We are also pushing boundaries with the possibility to develop 300 mm, opening the door to even greater efficiency gains.

Advantages of transitioning to larger sapphire wafers:

FAMETEC Wafer Size


Beyond LEDs: The rise of mini- and microLED displays

LED technology has revolutionized displays, offering energy efficiency alongside excellent image quality. However, advances continue to test its limits.

microLED technology has emerged as the next step, promising superior pixel density, contrast ratio, and brightness while maintaining low power consumption. These advantages translate into crystal clear images across various applications, from high-definition TVs to automotive lighting and commercial displays.

FAMETEC’s McSAP technology does not just meet industry needs: it also leads to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions throughout the supply chain, due to its energy-efficient production process. This environmental benefit complements the inherent energy savings of microLED displays themselves.


Power electronics

PowerGaN technology is experiencing significant growth in high-power electronics applications due to its superior properties, such as high voltage handling and thermal conductivity. This shift is evident as companies move towards GaN-on-sapphire for power devices, particularly with the increasing demand for electric vehicles (EV/HEV) that require efficient power converters and inverters.

FAMETEC is well-positioned to support this transition by providing large-diameter ingots and the essential sapphire substrates used in power electronics.


Optical Applictions

FAMETEC offers a comprehensive selection of a- and c-axis sapphire materials, catering to the diverse needs of the optical market. Our high-purity boules impress by reaching diameters of 210 mm and heights of 220 mm, providing an economical basis for various optical components.

Our large-diameter boules are ideal for the demanding requirements of optical applications. With fully customizable furnaces we can engineer solutions to match any scale you envision, delivering precisely the specifications you need.

Optical Applications
Glass and Windows applications


Windows and glasses

FAMETEC’s McSAP technology allows the production of high-purity sapphire, ideal for watch glasses or windows used in defense and other applications due to its scratch resistance and clarity. Its semiconductor grade material is bubble and fog free.

The simultaneous growth of multiple crystals with McSAP leads to a higher yield of usable sapphire material, improving overall production efficiency.

FAMETEC’s expertise in both crystal growth and furnace design allows us to collaborate closely with watch glass or window manufacturers, developing customized solutions for their specific needs.


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