FAMETEC gewinnt den Innovationspreis 2021


FAMETEC received the jury award for radical innovation!

Project: Zero-emission sapphire production for the microelectronics industry

FAMETEC, an EBNER GROUP company, has developed a completely new technology for the economical and environmentally friendly production of high-quality sapphire single crystal material for chip production (wafers). A specific variant of a heat exchange method (HEM) is used for production, in which sapphire single crystal is grown directly in the technically required C-axis. The method of growth along the C-axis chosen by FAMETEC represents a unique position and can provide a huge quality advantage in this market, as the seed crystal no longer has to be cut out with large material losses and the waste of sapphire material is greatly reduced. This technology can be used to produce 6 and 8 inch sapphire substrates for high-end electronic applications. Micro-LEDs for displays of all kinds, from televisions to cell phones, are mounted on these millimeter-thin base plates. Micro-LEDs are brighter and more energy-efficient than conventional LEDs, which also makes the displays more cost-effective to produce.

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